Frequently Asked Questions for Bridal Photography

To help answer most questions you might have about our Bridal photography, we have put this FAQ section together.

Q: What is considered Bridal Photography?
A: Bridal photography focus on a very specific time in a couples relationship and commitment to each other. The following are all classified as bridal photography: Engagement, Wedding and Glam the Dress. it is Inclusive of all couples, regardless of gender diversity or sexual orientation, to make a public affirmation to each other as a commitment for a future together. The ceremony is in celebration of the binding of two souls regardless of the physical form of their “vessel”.

Q: Are your packages flexible?
A: We like to tailor our packages for each client, our packages are examples of our most popular choices..

Q: Where can I find out more about your standard packages?
A: You can contact us via our link and request our package pricing, or alternatively send us an email with your requirements and budget and we will custom design something for you.

Q: Will you hold a wedding date while we decide?
A: Our service work on a first in, first serve basis and wedding bookings are often made a year or more in advance. You will be required to pay a non-refundable holding deposit of 50% of the total sum of your invoice to secure your date. Once we’ve received your signed contract and your retainer, your date is then fully reserved, and we do not accept any other clients for that date. The balance will be due 2 least a week prior to the wedding date.

Q: Do you offer “off-season” or weekday discounts for weddings?
A: Yes, we often run specials during the year and it’s best to subscribe to us via social media and keep an eye out for these

Q: What happens after we made our booking?
A: We will book a date for your pre-wedding consultation. If included in your package, a date is arranged for your engagement session and is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better.

Q: Where and when will the engagement session photoshoot take place?
A: In Adelaide, usually, at a location that holds special meaning to you as a couple, or in the studio. These sessions are typically held during the week as weekends fill up quickly with our wedding bookings. Late afternoon sessions are very popular with our engagement couples.

Q: Do we sign a contract?
A: Yes, you are required to sign a binding contract prior to your wedding day.

Q: Can we pay installments?
A: Yes, as long as your wedding is payed for in full two weeks prior to the wedding day. Failure to do so will result in your wedding being covered for the amount of hours you have paid for.

Q: How much time should we allow for our wedding photography?
A: This will be entirely dependent on your individual needs and the budget you are working with. Our packages serve as a guide only, we are more than happy to work around your specific requirements.

Q: How much time should we allow for location photography?
A: The usual allowance is around the one hour mark, but again this will depend on your individual requirements, the location and don’t forget the travel time.

Q: How many photographs do you take?
A: This depend entirely upon the day you have planned and the hours you have booked with us. The main focus is to provide you with a variety of quality images that capture the special memories and moments that tell the story of your day – not quantity. There is no set limit.

Q: Do we get every photo that you take on the day?
A: Generally, yes. Images that are not included are those intended for testing the exposure in difficult lighting conditions and when a person has clearly blinked. We also try to narrow down your choices where a multitude of images were taken of the same pose/backdrop, and this is up to the desecration of the photographer.

Q: Do you include the high resolution digital files?
A: This will depend on the package you purchase.

Q: Do we see the photos before the album planning session?
A: Within a week of the wedding we will put a small selection of your wedding images as a “sneak peek” on our Facebook page for you to share with family and friends. These will be watermarked and no alterations or cropping are allowed.

Q: How long after our wedding do we get our photos?
A: Unless special arrangements are made the turnaround time is four weeks (Albums excluded)

Q: How long does it take to get our album?
A: Album planning sessions are usually scheduled for when you return from your honeymoon, before you return to work (around 4-6 weeks after the wedding). These sessions are scheduled during a weekday. It is a good idea to secure this appointment prior to the wedding. Once the album design has been approved, it can take anything between 6-8 weeks for delivery. One planning session is included in the cost of your wedding, any additional time will be billed per hour.

Q: How many photographs make a great album?
A: We normally choose between 80-100 pictures for a standard 30-page album. However, if you need more, it may be advisable to increase the album page count.

Q: Should we provide you with a meal during the reception?
A: If we are covering more than an hour of your reception, and required to remain there after the meal, a meal would be appreciated.

Q: Do you photograph weddings outside of Adelaide?
A: Yes, for weddings outside the Adelaide metro area, there is a travel charge. For weddings overseas, interstate or further than 2 hours drive, there is a flat rate of $300 plus flights, car hire and accommodation – the night before and the night of the wedding.

Q: Do you supply videography services?
A: No, we specialise in photography but will be happy to share some of our contacts.

Q: How many photographers will be at my wedding?
A: Generally speaking only one photographer is required for a wedding. If you would like more than one photographer to cover your wedding, this can be supplied by us.

Q: What is “Glam the Dress”
A: It is the opposite of “trash the dress”. This is a session some brides choose to book after their wedding, and is closely related to a Glamour portrait session where we hire in the services of a hair and makeup artist and we focus on taking magazine style images of you in your wedding dress. Brides have found that this help sell their dresses afterwards for a good price, and gives them another opportunity to dress up in it and have a fashion-style photoshoot.

Q: Are you at all affiliated with the AIPP?
A: Yes, Nadia Marlow is a Full member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and ACMP (Australian Commercial Media Photographers). Look for the logo when you book your photographer

We have tried to answer the more common questions here, however if you have a query with regards to something not covered here please send us an email.