Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Photography

Q: What is considered Commercial Photography?
A: Commercial photography is the creation of images that help sell a product or service. The following are all classified as commercial photography: Architecture, Corporate, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Products, Publication/Editorial, Stock, Travel.

Q: How big is the team doing the photo shoot?
A: This will depend on the type of shoot, but generally speaking it would be the photographer and one assistant.

Q: How may photographs do we get?
A: This entirely depend on your requirements and quotes are based on individual needs and intended purpose of the image/s

Q: How do I secure a specific date?
A: A non-refundable holding deposit of (10%) is required upon booking your date. One reschedule of the date will be allowed thereafter the cancellation policy will apply.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you cancel within two-weeks of any confirmed date, you will be charged a half day fee for each day cancelled. If you cancel within one week of the scheduled day, you will be charged a full-day rate for each day cancelled.

Q: Are you at all affiliated with the AIPP?
A: Yes, Nadia Marlow is an emerging member of the AIPP.

We have tried to answer the more common questions here, however if you have a query with regards to something not covered here please send us an email.